Volles Haus

2008 (ProSieben). Dt. Sitcom.

Alltag und alte Witze mit den Bewohnern eines mehrstöckigen Hauses. Mittendrin die WG der Twens Emma (Anja Knauer), Vera (Ellen Schlootz), Dennis (Hendrik Borgmann), Mark (Tim Morten Uhlenbrock) und Tom (Toni Snetberger), einer hohler als der andere, darüber das Ehepaar Annette (Meike Schlüter) und Bernd (Michael Müller) mit den Töchtern Julia (Uta Kargel) und Mirja (Sarah Alles), und unten im Haus die Wirtsleute Holger (Matthias Komm) und Yvonne (Nina Vorbrodt) mit ihrem lästigen Stammgast Kurt (Tobias Kasimirovicz). Ebenso lästig wird Holgers Ex-Affäre Iris (Sonya Kraus), eine Flugbegleiterin, die aus rein sexuellen Gründen zu ihm zurück will.

Niveauloser Blödsinn, der kein noch so plattes Klischee auslässt und auf der spektakulär gefloppten österreichischen Serie Mitten im 8ten beruht. Er lief sonntags um 17.30 Uhr. Es war ungewöhnlich für ProSieben, noch vor dem Start der Serie gleich 30 Folgen bestellt zu haben. Dass die Serie dann trotzdem nach nur vier Folgen abgesetzt wurde, war wiederum völlig normal.

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  1. […] wir diese entsetzliche neue ProSieben-„Comedy“, die wahrscheinlich deshalb Volles Haus heißt, weil man sie nur erträgt, wenn man voll wie ein Haus ist, einfach mal […]

  2. Habe gerade die Folge vom 13.01. 08 gesehen. Also was für ein langweiliger Mist. In der Wohnung ist es so hell wie im Studio aber wie in keiner WG.

    Dann dieses ganz blödsinnige Quiz Spiel. Da haben die Autoren nur ihre „orginelle“ Geschichte im Sinn gehabt als mir mal mit Liebe und Freude ihre Charaktere näher zu bringen. Es ist nicht lustig, es ist nicht neu und die Darsteller sehen alle geschminkt aus, als ob sie im Theater (einem schlechten Theater) auf der Bühne stehen. Keine Wunder, dass hier keiner mehr Lust deutsche Sitcoms zu sehen. Wenn es wenigstens lustig wäre. Entweder dürfen die Autoren nicht wie sie wollen weil da die Produzenten oder der Sender Angst vor Courage hat oder sie können einfach nicht besser. Das war auf jeden schlechter als jedes Promidinner oder daheim in vier Wänden. Setzen: Sechs

  3. Well ,well well,mister(or misses) heinzmuller=
    If you can say all that in just seeing one episode ,you must be the new promise of the german tv,the new John the Moll if you will!
    Ive bin involved in the making of volles haus.And i must say that your judgement is simply not fair.
    Prosieben took a big risk im making this project because it failed in Holland and austria.
    They schould be awarded for this courage.
    Most stations just buy hit series from the states and from england.That is not very difficult!!
    I wonder if you realise that making a comedy takes a lot of money,know-how ,insight and creativety.
    You schould be proud that some stations still try to make german products on tv!!!!
    See a few more episodes to make your final judgement.It takes time for an audience to get to know the caracters in the show!This is crucial for any comedy all over the world!
    Pascal Naber=
    Supervising Director of Photography
    of „volles Haus““
    „“Mitten im Achten“‚ORF
    „“Samen““TALPA ENDEMOL

  4. Geez, I wonder why this show possibly could have failed in Holland and Austria.

  5. Well Michael,
    Tell me your latest great ideer and we will make it for sure!I promise!!

  6. And here we might have the problem: It looks exactly like you actually do get any idea from anybody immediately to series production.

  7. Well, if the best comment on my piece =
    „“Geez iwonder,ect,ect,bla,bla““
    Then we are not going to be good partners in the disscusion!
    trie me for some real arguments longer then 3 lines!

  8. Dear Pascal,

    I understand that you have put your heart into this project and tried your best – and therefore you have all my respect, honestly!

    And of course with every show it’s also a matter of taste. Some like it some don’t…

    But with an audience rating of 5,8% and not one single positve critic (at least I havn’t read any – instead, I`ve found a mass of bad reviews in dozens of Blogs, Magazines and TV-Reports) it’s time to admit: we wanted the best, but maybe the result is as good as we planned it to be.

    I definately don`t need to view another episode to see, that the actors are bad, most punchlines are not a bit funny and the director did a bad job. Sorry, to say.

    And I mean really sorry, because I would love it, if the stations in Germany would risk and shoot more series. And I’m always so sad, if they do and fail because of a lack of know how and quality.

  9. Dear viewer,
    Thanks for the support,
    Because im not a German i can not understand the humor that well.
    So i believe you if you say the acting and jokes sucks.
    But the prosieben people are Germans!?……
    They bought the show and say they love it!!….
    Its tragic that a show like this is killed because of bad acting and scripts!
    Then i have to say to all of you =YOUR RIGHT!!!
    Thanks for the input
    pascal naber

  10. You know what? The prosieben people ARE Germans, but obviously also don’t understand the german humor that well!

    The list of failed comedy-shows (and TV-Movies) is very long and besides two or three exceptions (Stromberg, Dr. Psycho, Switch Reloaded…) all these shows were crap.

  11. hi leute,
    ich mach mal auch auf englisch.
    my two cents in english.

    viewer: i dont see how the initial rating is an indicator for or against the show’s quality.
    when the first episode is no success rating wise, i’d say that there was not enough promotion before hand. there were no advertisements in the media, at least i did not see any. people did not know, did not watch. easy.

    one can critize proSieben for not investing enough in ads and such. but from what i saw, they seem to be a pretty shaky bunch at times, so who knows?

    i understand if people did not like the jokes. i found the dialogues a little too pushy, too. too many punchlines, no „real“ dialogue where there would just talk, very little downtime etc. canned laughter is something we germans may only be used to in imported shows.

    the whole episode seemed to center too much around sex and quick jokes. but i guess they try to set up some kind of continuity (the singers contest, the bartender’s flat restoration) and i like it when things develope.

    i think the production looked pretty good overall. nice set design, good costumes, good shots.

    the cast is good and i think they fit well together. the guy who always sits at the bar is pretty cool. the acting might be pretty wooden but i’d rather see some more episodes to see where it goes.
    we should not forget that the cast is young and pretty inexperienced and that it might take some episodes to get slicker. or we should accept that U.S. shows had decades and millions to develope their culture (and many shows still suck!) and it is not fair if we compare some very good few (maybe sienfield, friends, roseanne, or spaced to name a british) with our little ones. like a heavy weight boxer against a 9year old judo-ka.

    stromberg was a bbc ripp-off and also did not make good ratings in the beginning. but it shows that german productions can work out with a little perserverence.

    i am quite looking forward to seeing more and maybe it developes to something that actually has more relevancy to us germans than your average US production. i could do without the canned laughter, too. 🙂

  12. Hello Alex!
    its great to have a good balanced comment in the blog!

    We actually started shooting some of the first scenes of the series in the first shooting week.
    This was done in random order.
    So we had (example)=a couple of scenes from episode 1,then episode 2,5,8,7 ect,ect on the first days of shooting.
    This was offcourse for the new cast a difficult time to establish their roles and deal with the cameras,lights ect ect.(it is always a difficult thing for any actor to do, when they are beginning a new series.)
    So the acting ect, wil deffinetly get better as you see more shows.
    I also think that the first episodes are not the best of the series but they had to be in there to establish the caracters and the story lines.(your piont Alex!)
    This is why the first episodes are a bit boring sometimes.
    But I know for a fact that the show will have very funny situations in it later on.

    Usaly its best to shoot the episodes that come much later in the show ,in the first period of shooting.In this show its probably better to do it as it has bin done.=The better parts are later in the show,so you will need better acting and more secure actors.

    Thanks Alex for your comments
    Greeting pascal naber

  13. Also ehrlich,über die Privaten Comedy Sender kann ich schon lange nicht mehr lachen.Da werden doch nur lauwarme Witze zum besten gegeben.Und obendrein gehts arg unter die Gürtellinie von einigen Promis.Da schau ich mir doch lieber die Franzosen an.Da sind auch Comedystars aber die nehmen sich selber auf die Schippe und hauen nicht so wahllos um sich herum auf andere ein.Nein,mit lustig hat das wirklich nicht mehr viel zu tun.Aber leider nehmen die alten oder guten Comedians stetig ab und hinzu kommt immer nur der gleiche Mist.Ach lieber Dieter Krebs wärst du doch nur noch bei uns geblieben.

  14. Es ist wirklich erstaunlich.
    Volles Haus ist in der Tat eine langweilige Sitcom.
    Den selben Humor haben aber auch „Two and a half Men“ und „The Big Bang Theory“.
    Aber da das amerikanische Sitcoms sind, ist das natürlich lustiger.
    Da merkt man, dass man den deutschen Humor nicht ernst nehmen kann, da er sich nur an oberflächlichkeiten hält.
    Schlechte deutsche Comedyserie = schlecht.
    Schlechte amerikanische Comedyserie = mega geil.

  15. @Tacheles: Solche Pauschalisierungen sind totaler Blödsinn. Es gibt sehr wohl auch deutsche Comedy-Serien, die von Publikum und Kritikern begeistert aufgenommen wurden (Stromberg, Dr. Psycho, Pastewka, Doctors Diary, Danni Lowinski), während US-Serien wie 2 1/2 Men oder TBBT trotz ihres großen Erfolges immer auch gemischte Kritiken bekommen haben. Aber bei „Volles Haus“ kommt eben beides zusammen – es ist deutsch UND es ist schlecht.

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